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How long before my own deer will be ready?

Our first objective is to get all the deer skinned and processed and frozen as soon as possible. We then go back and make all of the cooked products in numerical order as they were brought in.  Time depends on how many deer we get.  If you have no cooked products you will be notified as soon as your deer is cut and frozen usually two weeks maximum.  

Do I get my deer back?

All deer are tagged and processed to your specifications.  You receive your own deer on any fresh cut and ground products.  Sausage and cooked products are done in large batches so it is impossible for us to keep deer meat separate.  This should be no concern because we are very selective as to which meat goes into sausage.  The last thing we want is to ruin several hundred pounds of sausage because of a few pounds of bad deer meat. 

Is it better to leave the deer hanging for several days before bringing it in?

The sooner your deer arrives at our plant the better it is.  Our plant is in a controlled air and temperature environment!  Fluctuation in temperature and contaminated air causes rapid aging in carcasses and quicker spoilage.  Deer meat needs to be handled just like any other meat.  I don't think many of us would leave a raw beef steak or pork chop out in the open air for several days without protective cover on it and then feel real confident about eating it.

How do the charges on cooked products apply?

All prices are based on a per pound price on the starting weight of the meat not the finished weight.  The products that have 25% pork trim added for binding purposes are charged on the weight after the pork trim has been added.  These items are: Summer Sausage, Polish Sausage, Ring Bologna, Italian Grillers, Bratwurst and Seasoned Sausage Links.  


If you order 10 lbs of Summer Sausage you would be charged for 12 1/2 lbs x $1.25 / lb.  

(10 lbs of deer meat + 2 1/2 lbs pork trim = 12 1/2 lbs starting weight.)

How much gain or shrink is there on cooked products?

     (10 lbs deer meat + 2 1/2 lbs pork trim = 12 1/2 lbs starting weight.)
     (10 % cooking shrinkage = 11 1/4 lbs finished weight.)

What if I need to bring my deer in after hours?

If you have a deer you need to drop of after hours, there is a sign on our front door with instructions and a phone number for you to call.

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